10 Awesome Websites You Never Knew Existed


The internet is undoubtedly a great place, there are millions of websites out there just waiting to be discovered.

Even though we have hugely popular sites like Facebook, Pinterest and twitter to occupy us, boredom still creeps in every once in a while.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 great sites that you might find useful or interesting.  So, here they are…enjoy.


1. Incredibox


This  website is strangely entertaining, if you like music, particularly beatbox, you’ll love this.

Best viewed from your computer as this site uses Flash player, it’s still great to kill a bit of time and you can throw out some pretty good tunes, record and save them to your PC.



2. Movie-Map.Com


Type in a favourite movie, hit search and MovieMap will find mostly relevant movies to your search.


3. Eatthismuch.Com


If you’re watching the calories this website is well worth a look.

Decide how many calories you want to eat for the day, enter the amount into the box along with the number of meals you wish to spread those calories over and BAM, you get a great suggestion of meals for the day along with the recipes.

If you don’t fancy what’s on offer you can click the randomise option and get a different set of meals.  Easy.


4. 10 MinuteMail.Com


This one’s a great idea.  Everyone hates spam, right?  That’s where 10 minute Mail comes in.  If you need to register on a site to see the content, grab a 10 minute email to register and you’re good to go.  Check out their FAQ for the details.


5. Snapzu.Com


If, like us, you’re fans of Reddit, you will like this site too.  With similar /r/ style categories and a large community, this one is worth a click.


6. Avoid humans.Com



Feel like a little bit of solitude next time you’re out for a breath of fresh air?  Try this smart little site.

It can tell you which locations have the fewest amount of people using data from Instagram and FourSquare.


7. Debretts.Com


As a proud Englishman, it seems i’m always off to a royal function every other weekend.

If you’re feeling like you need to brush up on your ‘Britishness,’ this website is a must.

Awfully posh, don’t you know.


8. Authourmachine.lovereading.co.uk


Love books?  Enter the name of your favourite author into the suggestion box, hit go and hey presto, you get great suggestions of similar authors, a list of the books they’ve written and extracts too!


9. Arconaitv.me


Fancy just kicking back and watching something on the laptop?  Arconaitv has a few channels that you can click on and just watch the stream.

Zone out to American Dad, Seinfeld or a film, they don’t have a huge amount of channels but it’s free, easy and worth a look!


10. Starwarsgalaxy.co


Got a bit of time to kill?  Wanna see the population of Alderaan?  Check out this site to travel to all the planets in the Star Wars galaxy.  Great for any fan of the films.