3 Year Old Boy Cured Of Cancer After Doctors Gave Him Just Days To Live

Landon and mum amongst cannabis plants

3 years ago doctors diagnosed Landon Riddle with Leukemia, his family were given the horrifying news that Landon stood little chance of surviving the next few days.

Landon had a condition called Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia a cancer of the bone marrow and blood and was started on chemotherapy and almost immediately.

“His whole chest was full of leukemia tumors, which is why he couldn’t breathe. They started him on chemo, but told us that he probably wasn’t going to make it,”

his mother, Sierra Riddle said.

The side effects of chemotherapy and the drugs that Landon needed were pretty grim for the little boy, he was vomitting 30 to 50 times per day, his appetite was non existent and went almost a month with no food.

Landon in hospital

“We discussed all of our concerns with his medical team in Utah and watched Landon continue to suffer and wither away as they piled on drug after drug,” Riddle told RYOT. “Then my mother came across cannabis oil online.”

Sierra says that her mother had always been against anything to do with ‘drugs’ but had found enough supporting evidence in the case of medical cannabis.

The family had to travel to Colorado where cannabis oil was available and just days after his first treatment Landon showed signs of improvement.

“Our hearts were filled with joy that cannabis brought back the smile to Landon’s face. Landon started getting better and better! It was as if a miracle had happened! He was smiling again and started to eat again!”

Sierra wrote on her blog during his treatment.

“It is atrocious that anyone on the planet would be charged for choosing cannabis over pharmaceuticals. My heart goes out to Adam Koessler and Rumor Rose, along with uncountable other families that are affected by cannabis prohibition. Get ready for the fight of your life. Having a sick child is a battle in itself, but making this choice is a whole new world. You’re going to need thick skin, intuition, and a solid team. Don’t waste time making sure every other pharmaceutical does more harm than good. If it feels wrong in your gut, it’s probably wrong,” she added.

Landon’s cancer is now in remission. You can see more of his families story on their Facebook page and website.