7 Incredible 3D Drawings That Are Just Too Real

3d drawing of glass of water

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst

You would be forgiven for thinking that these images are real life or even photo-shopped. The reality is that they are supreme works of art by the clearly talented Stefan Pabst.

Painting anything from portraits to 3d images on paper canvas and even skin, his art is amazing on any medium.

One of his most successful works, a drawing of a glass of water which just pops right off the paper at you, is almost at 3 million views on you tube.

On his YouTube channel, viewers can see Pabst in action as he proves that his paintings are completely authentic.

He’s produced a moon that rises above the paper, a superbly realistic snake and a horse that appears to be peeking right out of the canvas.

While these are highly impressive, the artist wants to continue to improve by creating 3D portraits.

“I want to inspire people through my art and show them that they can do anything, I want to show the magic of painting.”

Stefan started painting portraits in 2007, but yearned to do something different from his usual work.

“Every day for 10 hours I was painting faces. It was a challenge to begin with but I got bored, I wanted to go beyond the boundaries of the sheet of paper and leave 2D behind.”

Soon, this dream became a reality as the painter continued to explore his remarkable talent.

Stefan began drawing at the age of five, a little later in school art class, the budding artist admitted that he used to to doodle and paint in his books.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Stefan says:

“I drew things I saw out of the window, like birds on the windowsill, but mostly I enjoyed drawing portraits of people.”

His portraits were so good that his classmates would request to have their own done by Pabst.

Now, companies, families and other notable people are paying him for his childhood hobby.

‘Many artists and art enthusiasts have contacted me with questions about my painting technique, so I now upload videos of my work to the internet.’

Check out the images below. Much more of Stefan’s work can be viewed on both his YouTube channel and his official website.


3d drawing of the moon

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst


geometric 3d image

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst


drawing of spider and computer mouse

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst


3d drawing of white horse

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst


3d drawing of black horse

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst


Photo Of Pabst and drawing of eye

Image Credit: Stefan Pabst