Ex Boxer Kelly Pavlik Allegedly Shoots An Unarmed Man

Pavlik/rifle collage

Some pretty shocking video footage has emerged that appears to show former boxing champion Kelly Pavlik shooting an unarmed man.

This short video shows a man working in a pond at Pavlik’s Ohio home and then goes on to show the poor fella taking a shot to the head and arm.

In the video you can hear the man shouting at Kelly to stop shooting at him but his plea clearly goes unheeded as ‘someone’ continued to fire.

The man first shouts “don’t, that’s my head” and  “You just shot me in the arm, dude…i got blood” and then “Kelly, you son of a bitch it went right through my arm”

The camera spins round to reveal Kelly holding an air rifle and laughing.



The alleged victim informed police that Pavlik grabbed the air rifle and began shooting at him, he also claims Pavlik was drinking with pals when the incident occurred.

Former WBO and WBC middleweight champ Kelly could be facing criminal charges as the case has been referred to county court.

Looks like pretty solid evidence, what was he thinking!?

(h/t) TMZ.Com

Image: YouTube.