Get Ripped With This Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham is best known for starring in some truly great movies over the years. He’s also noted for his absolutely shredded physique, which doesn’t come easy of course. Think you’ve got what it takes to follow his regime? Good, then let’s get to it.

As you can imagine Jason’s workout plan is pretty intense. He trains 6 days a week, allowing himself a rest day.

He believes that by having a varied workout plan he gets much better results, so he has two rules to abide by when he hits the gym.

1. He’ll never do the same workout twice.

2. He keeps notes on everything, writing down rest times, weight lifted, reps, etc.

Statham starts every session with a 10 minute full body warm up on the rowing machine, cross fit trainer or any other machine or method that works his whole body.

Next up is a 10 minute medium intensity workout where he chooses one activity from the following: 5 reps of dead lifts, power clean or front squats, exercises such as carrying kettle bells, sandbags or dumbells, farmers walk, circuit training or a variety of medicine ball exercises.

Jason also has a non weight routine where he’ll pick five exercises from exploding push-ups, squat thrusts, burpees, sit-ups or crunches, step-ups, tuck jumps, squat jumps, star jumps or pull-ups. He’ll bash out 10 reps of each exercise chosen

Statham’s main cardio comes from an intense boxing workout. He starts with shadow boxing then moves onto five three minute rounds on the pads, after pads it’s three, three minute rounds on a heavy bag. Then three rounds on a speed bag and a warm down.

Following on from the workouts above, Jason’s trainer will pick a combination of six exercises from the selection below, set how many reps for each exercise and then repeat the cycle five times.

The time taken to complete the five circuits is recorded, the times are then turned into targets so they can be used to increase the intensity of the workout as his fitness levels increase.
Barbell Front Raise

Hanging knee raises

Weighted Step-Ups

Dumbbell Burpees

Farmers Walk


Bear Crawl Sled Drag

Close-Grip Pulldowns

Front Squats

One-Arm Cable Rows

Phew! Well that’s the hard work out of the way, but all that working out isn’t going to get you too far if you stuff your face with chips and chocolate every night! Which is why when it comes to his diet, the 49 year old Hollywood A-lister sticks to a strict 2000 calories a day.

In an interview with Mens Health magazine, Statham said that he only ‘eats clean, good food’. Which means no alcohol, bread, pasta, fruit juice, or sweets. He likes to keep himself fully hydrated too so he drinks around 4 litres of water a day.

A typical breakfast will be either poached eggs, porridge, granola or fruit.

In the interview he reveals his favourite lunch:

“I’m certainly no vegan, but there’s this little place down on Sunset that I’ll go to, the California Vegan, and they do a really good steamed vegetable and brown rice. You put that in your body and you feel good. Or try a nice miso soup. There’s nothing better than that stuff.”

For dinner he recommends high protein foods such as chicken, fish, lean beef with veggies or a salad and advises not to eat past 7pm.

To keep the energy levels up he’ll eat high protein snacks such as nuts, peanut butter or protein shakes between meals.

Finally, Jason says to get the most from your workouts, a training partner is a great help:

It’s a huge benefit because no one wants to let the other man down. You egg each other on. It becomes competitive, which I’ve always gotten a big kick out of.

So there you have it, if you can get through all that or modify his routine a little to suit yourself you’re doing very well! Good luck.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 years or so and don’t know who Mr Statham is, here’s a few of my favourite Jason Statham movies just for the heck of it. 🙂

The Bank Job (2008)

Lock stock and two smoking barrels (1998)

Snatch (2000)

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