Group of black bears caught this family by surprise for having a wild pool party in their backyard

In the back yard pool of basso family, something strange happened in the summer of 2015. They noticed a group of black bears playing in their pool.

This video shows a large mammy bear with five of her babies having fun splashing and dashing around

One can clearly see the little cubs being so excited they get to escape the heat while having fun playing in the water.

Tim basso and his wife were so happy they could record the strange pool party that was happening in their backyard.

When the video is playing you can hear the lady saying ”its a fun backyard” to wich her little girl Sophie is not happy because the bear pack is chewing her floaty.

Meanwhile, sophie can be heard saying: ”are we going to buy a new pool mom?” and she replied not until next year honey. Sophie cried after that.

”hey baby bear, leave the float alone! She said.

Near the ending of the videos, the mother can be heard saying to the kids to get their dad and call the animal control.

In July of 2016, Tim basso updated video comment:” mom and 5 cubs have been seen in the neighborhood, but not in our yard. Thanks for watching and keeping it civil.”

Here is the wild party of a mother bear and her five little babies covered by CBS news.

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Original video posted by Tim Basso on Youtube