Guy cooks the worlds hottest chilli and shuts down the entire street

Worlds hottest chilli


Emergency services had to evacuate people from their homes after a neighbour cooked the world’s spiciest chili along with the world’s spiciest sauce.

Fearing a gas leak, panicked youngsters in Fallowfield, Manchester in the U.K called in firefighters as chilli fumes spread to houses nearby.

After running from the house the youngsters soon discovered that the source of the panic was in fact a spicy recipe being cooked up next door.

It must have been some curry as four homes on the road had to be fumigated after the incident last Thursday.

Speaking of the spicy situation, 19 year old student Terri Moran said:

“We thought it’s got to be a gas leak, nothing else came to mind. We ran out of the house.

We then saw the house behind us and another on our left that were doing the same thing.

Everyone was quite scared because chilli never came to our mind and the only thought was a gas leak.

I rang 111 and they said to ring 999. I said: ‘We don’t know what’s going on, we think there’s been a gas leak or maybe a burst pipe.

They told me to get everyone out of the house.”

snapchat picTerri said the fire brigade arrived on the scene quickly. She added:

“We were quite panicky and the fire-fighters calmed us down. They came out of the house coughing and had to put gas masks on before going back in.

“They got a big industrial fan to ventilate all the houses one-by-one and opened all the doors and windows.”

She said fire-fighters told her the case was the ‘weirdest they had dealt with in 20 years’.

Apparently a few of the students had woken up with a ‘bit of a cough’ the next morning but were otherwise okay.


Image credit: Asit K. ghosh Thaumaturgist (h/t)  Manchester Evening News