Judge Lets Stolen Dog Find His REAL Owner in the Courtroom (VIDEO)

The bond that exists between a dog and his owner is powerful you can call it unbreakable. Aman`s dog went missing leaving him completely destroyed. It was a tiny Poodle called Baby Boy.

As it turned out, the dog was stolen. The thief had sold the dog to a woman. She did not know about the fact that the dog was stolen in the first place. She loved the dog very much, and when the original owner brought her to court, she fought to keep him.

Judge Judy came up with a great way to solve the situation. She asked for the dog to be brought into the courtroom and placed on the floor. She was paying attention to the dog`s reaction to see if she would be able to find who the real owner was.

Just as they placed the dog on the floor, he ran straight up to the man and began jumping on him and wagging his tail. At this moment, there was no denying, the man was the real owner.

It was such a heartwarming reunion that it brought tears to the man`s eyes. Judge Judy then reached to the conclusion that the dog belonged to his rightful owner. Fortunately, the puppy is now back with its owner. He went through a lot but he is now happy with his family. It is pretty devastating to lose a dog, let alone to have him stolen. That`s why it is crucial to microchip the dog! If it had been microchipped, the whole court case would have been avoided.

Watch the beautiful moment in the video given below of the heartwarming reunion of Baby Boy run up to his rightful owner. You may need to have a box of tissues close to you though.