NSW Police Get New Supercar

Mclaren 2

Image Credit: news.com.au


If you’re thinking of outrunning the police in Sydney, Australia, You’d better think twice.   (or start thinking of joining the highway patrol)

New South Wales Police took delivery of a brand new Mclaren 650S super car today.

At no purchase cost to the taxpayer, this beast was donated to the police as a promotional tool to raise awareness and money for families of fallen police officers.

Costing a cool $450.000 Australian dollars, the Mclaren can reach 0-100Km/h in under 3 seconds thanks to it’s 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 engine.  It has a top speed of 329Kph. (204Mph).

NSW Police are no strangers to a dream car on the force, they have enjoyed the Audi RS4 and the Porsche Panamera, all of which have also been donated.

The cars manufacturers are responsible for all servicing and registration costs, with the force only shelling out for fuel.

Last year, NSW Police wrecked the engine of a limited edition Ford FPV GT by filling it up with the wrong petrol, incurring a $5,000 repair bill.

Australia’s most powerful police car still goes, suprisingly, to a Ford, the Dick Johnson tuned Ford GT-F, which NSW took delivery of last year!  (eat your heart out Top Gear)

And here she is.


Ford GT-F

Image Credit: news.com.au


Not a good time to be a crook in Sydney!