Sir Alan Sugar Gets Pranked By The Mysterious Silent Bill

Sir Alan Sugar

Anonymous artist and serial prankster Silent Bill is up to his old tricks
again with a frankly hilarious letter sent to none other than The Apprentice boss, Sir Alan Sugar.

He expertly trolls Sugar with a letter pretending to be a covert artist in order to bag a quarter of a million pounds in start up funds for a new art project.

Check out the letter Alan Sugar received today.

Pranksters letter to Alan Sugar


Some of silent Bills other famous pranks include anonymously stocking out shops with ‘Wanka’ bars.

One lucky winner supposedly received a trip down ‘Cadbury Avenue’ after finding a ‘Golden Shower’ ticket.




And not forgetting the infamous letter that was sent to the company ‘We Buy Gold’ which went viral a couple of years ago.  This never gets old, it’s just brilliant.


Letter to webuygold