9 Surprising Uses For Vicks VapoRub That Will Solve a LOT of Your Problems

It is hard to find a house nowadays that doesn’t have at least a bottle of Vicks VapoRub in the medicine cabinet.

This ointment is fantastic for all aches and pains, but there are also a lot more uses which might save you time and money.

1. It trains pets.


In case you would like to save money from expensive pet training, put some VapoRub in the places where your little friends relieve themselves most of the time.

Vets explain that dogs and cats can’t stand the smell of the ointment so it will make them recall what they did wrong when they smell it.

And if you want to prevent the cat from scratching up your furniture, just leave some ointment on any furniture they like to scratch on.

2. Takes care of your feet.


The ointment is an excellent moisturizer, that said it could make your cracked heels look just like new.

Before going to bed, rub some ointment on your heels. The next morning, wash your feet with cold water, scrub away the dead skin, and moisturize afterward.

It is also a great cure for toenail fungus.

Apply Vicks on the affected nail every night, and after that wear on old, but a clean sock. In the morning, wash the feet and cut the infected nail.

3. Vanishes stretch marks and wrinkles.


Apply the ointment for some minutes onto the stretch marks or wrinkles at least once a day, and you will see that the unwanted lines will fade within a couple of weeks.

4. Cures bruises.

Charli Lopez – Flickr

Apply and gently massage the ointment with a bit of salt on the bruised skin for some minutes. The lotion reduces the swelling, and the bruise will fade pretty quickly.

5. Gets rid of acne.


Apply some VapoRub on the pimples or acne before you go to sleep. In the morning, wash the face. Repeat the cure for a couple of days until they are gone.

6. Earache soother.


If you have an earache, just put some Vicks on a cotton ball and then keep it in your ear for some hours.

It will reduce pain, and also help fight a possible ear infection.

7. Insect repellent.


Apply a thin layer of VapoRub on your exposed body parts to keep insects away as they can’t stand the strong smell of the ointment. I saved a lot of money when I went to the Caribbean’s by doing so!

VapoRub will ease the itch, and the antiseptic properties will lower the risk of getting an infection in case you have already been bitten.

8. Makes you cry.


There are times when you need to get your tear ducts to get to work. This was my case when a grain of sand got in my eye.

I did not want to rub my eye further on as there was the possibility of scratching the cornea.

So I applied an amount of VapoRub under my eyes and allowed the grain of sand trickle out with my tears.

9. Heals wounds faster.


The menthol ingredient of the cream not only heals bruises but it also eases the pain from cuts and helps heal wounds more quickly.