A plant that causes permanent burns & blindness is spreading across the US

Having a walk among flowers and plants is one of the best things about summer BUT health officials are warning people about a wild plant which has a great danger to those who touch it.

Hogweed is the name of the plant, or Heracleum mantegazzianum, which is now rapidly growing is many states throughout the U.S.

A single touch of the plant’s sap leads to serious burns and permanent blindness also.


It is widely known as giant cow parsley, giant cow parsley, cartwheel-flower or hogsbane.

The plant has been seen in the states of Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Vermont, New York, Virginia, and Washington.

The plant grows up to 14 feet and has dark green leaves which reach up to 5 feet in diameter AND has an empty, thick stem which has white hairs and purple specks and dots, with amazingly beautiful white flowers, but don’t let that fool you, this is one of the most dangerous plants in the planet.


Even though it seems tempting to touch, the plant produces a sap which contains a chemical called photosynthesizing furanocoumarins.

The sap, which makes the plant very sensitive to light, also causes its growth if it gets onto your skin.

According to CB’S News if the sap gets in your skin it leads to dark painful blisters within 48 hours and scars which can last from a few months to six years.

In case it gets into your eyes the sap causes permanent blindness.

Immediate action.

In case you have a contact with the sap wash the affected area with cold water right away and stay out of the sun.

And if you’re outside put some sunscreen to the affected area and compresses previously soaked in an aluminum acetate mixture-which you can find in pharmacies. This provides relief for skin irritation as told by N.Y. Department of Health.

When hogweed’s sap gets into your eyes, rinse them with abundant water right away and then IMMEDIATELY put on sunglasses.

You can find more about this beautiful and dangerous plant in the video below.