A Tennis Ball May Be All You Need To Treat Sciatica

Have you ever thought that all you need to relieve sciatica is a tennis ball?

In case you feel a tingly, numb, and painful feeling in the leg, butt, and your lower back, then you have every right to be concerned.

The problem is probably the large sciatic nerve in the back of your leg, as your doctor will have confirmed by now since you’re reading this article 🙂

My grandma has suffered from it, and there were days that she felt such a pain that she could not do her daily tasks.

Sciatica pain is caused by a herniated disc, pinched nerve, a degenerative disc disease, or the narrowing of the spinal canal.


There are plenty of yoga, and stretching poses to be used to relieve the pain. However, the best way possible to make use of without spending a lot of money is a popular household item.

The tennis ball deeply massages your muscles and eases muscle tension and rigidity.

When the muscles are relaxed, blood flows more easily, giving out essential nutrients to the area affected.

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There are some steps to be followed as reported by Complete Guidelines of Body Pain.

Firstly, you should lie down on the tennis ball and then roll over towards the sciatic nerve position, which goes up your leg.

You will have to have the ball roll up and down the area affected.

You should compress an area for 15-20 seconds before going to the next one and also keep in mind using a moderate amount of force.

Bear in mind that you can make use of more than one ball, according to your pain level..


In case your whole leg hurts, you better put more tennis balls under your leg to add more pressure.

Secondly, by holding the ball in your hand, roll it over the front of your body, from the neck to the hip.

If you feel intense pain, you can adjust the tennis balls or completely stop the motion. If you don`t do it properly, you might further harm your muscles or nerves.

You may consider talking to your doctor if you are planning to add it to your daily routine.

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