Angry Mom Wrote The Best Letter Ever To Her Kids About ‘Summer Behavior’

The letter you are about to read is written by a mom whose kids` behavior during the summer got her REALLY frustrated.

It was written by M.Blazoned, firstly posted on her blog. You can as well follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @mblazoned.

Hey Kids,

Feel free leaving your things wherever you like this summer. Socks everywhere? No problem. Dishes to be washed in the sink? Keep them coming. Legos all over the place? Big fan of it. Ah, and you can feel free to drag the blankets everywhere and leave them somewhere the second you no longer need them. I will very happily fold them for you and take them to your rooms.

Shutting doors? Optional. You do not need to worry as I am right behind you. It is so lovely to see wasps get in and the air conditioning out. We have unlimited money so open door policy in this house.

Wet towels all over the surface? Excellent as I am in love with piles. Placing them on painted wood surfaces is just fine as I will grab them so as not to ruin the wood. I know you are very busy. You can get back to your Netflix.

Feeling hungry? No need to be burdened by normal meal times. And surely there is no need to coordinate with each other as we have a 24/7 open kitchen.

And in case you make something yourself, you may leave every item where you last needed them. Even milk. In case it goes bad, I can buy more — no need to worry about money. I will work more if required.

Thirsty? Get a new glass every time as we have loads. I love to load and unload a dishwasher. And there is endless water and electricity.

Something comes up with your friends? No worries. I can drive you there and even back. You don`t have to worry about giving me any advance notice. I will also stop work to take you. I know your time is valuable. Money for the movies? I`m in it kiddo.

To my little one, whenever you want, I can take you to the pool. And you may moan and squirm as I put on your sunscreen. Express your feelings, don`t hold back.

And about goggles, you don`t have to bother and keep track of yours. It is my summer mission to know where they are (in my car, between the car seats). During the night, I may encounter them under my pillow. I must be careful, otherwise, how will you swim without them.

Just a few last things. Taking showers? It is optional. You know what is best for you. And under no circumstance will you wear a hat, I better get used to that. Sun is way better. Household chores? You have to tell me the proper time for you. Messes can wait.

One last thing. Please feel free to always wear your headphones, so you don`t hear me calling or talking to you. Communication is so overrated. And I adore screaming at the top of my lungs several times with no response. It is pretty cathartic.

You may call me crazy, but if you kids follow these guidelines, I believe this summer is going to be fantastic to all of us.

And if you don`t understand sarcasm, You won’t make it to the end of summer. Anyway…

Love you guys.