BEFORE You Unfriend Someone On Facebook, There’s Something You Should Know

Facebook is a great way to be connected without losing complete contact.

Facebook has a secret mailbox called “message requests ” inbox.

It has messages from people you are not friends with, and for this reason, they are hard to find.

One of the reasons I am mentioning this is because I accidentally came across with it the other day. It was a message from a year ago from someone I knew in college. In it, he explained he “was obliged to” unfriend me as he didn`t agree with a politically-charged Facebook post I can`t even recall writing by now.

The fact that he unfriended me did not come as a surprise to me (since I had not noticed his updates missing in it means we were not that close) but the idea that he was “obliged to” unfriend me as he disagreed with me on a political issue. That is absurd. Again, the need to tell somebody you are unfriending them for any reason is just awkward to me.


I am against blocking or unfriending people on the socials over plain political disagreements unless the motives involve reputation or safety.

In my opinion, Facebook is the most obligatory of social media platforms. It allows me to feel connected to close family or friends.

Also, the concept of the feed is the principal enemy I fight against on all the socials.

That is the algorithmic firehose which sprays pre-selected updates in a non-chronological order at the users.

I advise anyone to pare the feed down as much as possible.

For example, If an uncle of yours is posting offensive memes all day there is no need for you to unfriend him. You can select the option next to the post where you unsubscribe from their updates. This way you are saved from an awkward explanation of why you unfriended him at the upcoming family gathering, and they still will keep having the illusion that you are receiving all they put out into the universe.


I like this method the most as there are moments which have nothing to do with the daily posts we create on Facebook.

I have gone through lovely on-off interactions over specific topics with people I grew up with who although I’m still friends with on Facebook, I had forgotten I was friends with as I unfollowed their posts.

In case you want to find them for a specific reason, you will still be able to search for the people you have unfollowed by their name.

Whereas if you unfollow them, you deny yourself that option.

If you Still Don’t know how, read this article

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