Chester’s Popular Comedy Bench Plaques Make A Comeback!

Park bench plaque

A group of street artists calling themselves ‘The Brass Monkeys’ have struck again with another series of the now famous park bench plaques.

Park bench plaque

You may remember the national news headlines from a couple of weeks ago. They reported that anonymous street artists had placed a number of humorous plaques on park benches in and around Chester City Centre.

3rd bench plaque
Picture Credit: Wales News Service


Second bench palque
Picture Credit: Liverpool Echo


Most of the locals saw the funny side, however, the council were not too amused and had the plaques removed claiming that people might find them offensive.

The original plaques were put up in protest at the council’s plans to bring in Public Space Protection Orders to tackle anti-social behaviour, with on-the-spot fines of up to £100.

The draconian nature of the proposed PSPO would make it a criminal offence to lie down in a public place or feed the swans on the canal.

Local street performers would have to undertake auditions to gain council approval to perform, even then they would only be permitted to perform in designated areas.

Well over 10,000 locals have signed an online petition opposing the new measures.

It looks like the residents and the anonymous protesters of the Chester area aren’t giving up without a fight.

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