Dad let his little girl pick her own outfit for class picture day

Kids are pretty amazing. They know exactly what they want even though they are at a young age.

Some of them will not let their parents choose their outfits for them for school or social gatherings of any kind. That also includes wearing outfits not eligible to wear in public.

Kaylieann Steinbach`s parents chose their daughter`s outfit that day as it was going to be a picture day at school. They had chosen carefully what to dress to their little princess being that they are forever pictures.

It all seemed perfect until their daughter got to see what they had chosen for her and they got a big no from the little fashionista.

She wanted to decide on her own.


She decided to wear the outfit of the ones she loved the most.

Pooterman and PotterGirl, the greatest superheroes. In case you are wondering who they are, this is how the sweet Kaylieann gets to call Superman and Supergirl because she suffers from hearing loss and is not able to hear the letter ‘S’.

She was determined for it to be Supergirl or nothing. At first, her parents were hesitant allowing their daughter to wear a costume at school, but then they just knew it would be fun.


Well, I couldn`t argue with that answer,” dad Austin Steinbach said.

And they were right. Their beautiful daughter was at spotlight that day and showed everybody that being different is fantastic. She had a Superman doll in her hands while posing for her picture.


Austin said: “ Kaylieann showed us that we should not be scared to reveal our true selves.

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