Little Girl Blows Judges Away On America’s Got Talent

Little Girl Angelica Hale America's Got Talent

This little girl from America’s Got Talent got some pipes!

America’s Got Talent- Angelica Hale Video credit: YouTube

The young girl in the America’s Got Talent video’s name is Angelica Hale. She blew America away with her voice as she sung Girl on fire by Alicia Keys, on America’s Got Talent. Second, she deserved the Golden Buzzer after her incredible performance.

Undeniably, things always seem better when it’s happening to a child. This is no exception. This little girl on America’s Got Talent is years beyond what anyone could possibly expect. And, since Alicia Keys is one of my favorites of all-time, I am stoked to see that she sung a song that displays all of her range. Honestly, if I heard her on the radio, I would think that she was much older than 9 years old. She honestly, has the range that you’d expect from a 35 year old. But, we got graced by her 9 year old voice on America’s Got Talent.

Undeniably, I would pay to see one of her concerts. Because, she has the pipes of a 25 year old seasoned professional. It’s insane to think that I had seen her as a contestant on America’s Got Talent. When I honestly should have seen her at an award show accepting awards for how amazing she truly is. But, America’s Got Talent got her discovered and earned her a new fan.

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Little Girl Angelica Hale America's Got Talent

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