How many holes does this T-shirt have? – About 5% get it right

People tend to find many ways to keep their brain sharp.

Everybody wants to feel fresh and this is why it is important to have the neurons moving. When I feel my brain needs a pause I like to sit and do puzzles or crosswords.

Nowadays it has become popular to do puzzles online which is fantastic.

Considering that the majority of us sits in front of TVs or PCs for hours, it is a great way to exercise your brain through the internet.

When I was at school, you could only make use of a pen and paper. One of my teachers liked to give us puzzles and tricky problems allowing us proper time to finish them.

They were difficult at times but I enjoyed doing them.

Below given is a picture puzzle I found online this past week.

How many holes are in this T-shirt?


As reported in many sites, 1 out of 7 adults solves this right in their first attempt. So I am providing you with some options to make it a little bit less difficult.

How many holes are in this T-shirt?

The correct answer is between – 2,4,6 or 8!

Now have your time to think and answer.


There are possibly more holes than you first think! So let the brain do its job before you answer!

Nevertheless, we will show you the answer below.

The correct answer is 8! or option D!

Now we will tell you why!


There are two holes in the front part of the T-shirt, and then two others for the arms, one for the head and one at the bottom of the waist. So, in total there are six holes visible from the front.

In fact, there are two more!


You must bear in mind that there are two sides to a T-shirt!

Being that you can see through the T-shirt, it implies that there are another two holes in the back.

So 8 holes in total!