I had no idea my sleeping position could affect my health so much!

According to science, we spend a third of our life sleeping. We don’t even spend that amount of time eating or exercising.

Then how come we have never asked to learn the healthiest way to sleep?

Science answers our questions about the connection between our sleeping habits and our health.

The position you choose may hurt your back, make wrinkles on your face, and also annoy your partner. So, be sure you are enjoying your sleep by learning about the health profits of the three most natural positions.

Stomach sleeping.

Sorry to say but it’s all bad news for stomach sleepers as there is no benefit to sleeping like this. Considering that by lying on your stomach, you miss the point of using the mattress as your back is not supported at all. Furthermore, the stomach sleepers may also hurt their neck as they normally lay it to one side.

However, it is harder to snore if you sleep on your stomach.

Side sleeping.

Side sleeping is one of the most natural sleeping positions. Sleeping in this way you stretch your legs out to take the stress off the spine, and you prevent heartburn and acid reflux. Just keep in mind that you have to flip sides pretty often to avoid damaging your organs.

Note: If you are pregnant, it will improve your circulation.


Fetal position.

It is a pretty standard way of side-sleeping, with surveys showing that 41% of people sleep like this. But there are advantages & disadvantages to it. Usually, the “log” way of side-sleeping, with the legs reaching out, is far healthier for your back than folding the knees into your chest. It eases the tension if you add a pillow between your legs.


Back sleeping.

It can be tough to sleep this way, but it is worth trying. When you sleep on your back, your spine is supported by the mattress. It also keeps your face wrinkle-free, as your face is not pressed against the pillow all night long.

But back sleeping has its drawbacks as it makes snoring and sleeps apnea get worse apart of the fact that it prevents back pain or muscle soreness.

Your sleeping habits come as a result of different factors, many of which you can’t change.

But if you try sleeping on your back, it may have a high impact on your welfare!

So, which is your sleeping position: on the back, side, or stomach?