‘I Read My Cheating Fiance’s Texts Instead Of Vows At Our Wedding’

Wedding days are without a doubt, the most nerve recking days in a couple’s time together and usually its the good kind of nerves but in this case was something entirely different.

This bride-to-be went through a different situation while she was standing at the altar and showed everyone husband-to-be`s affair texts to the wedding congregation.

The night before the wedding she discovered text messages from an unknown number, exposing her partner`s double life, leaving her destroyed inside.

The bride called Casey took revenge in the most dramatic of ways.

The night before, she was enjoying drinks with her bridesmaids when she received the text messages. She expected to see a message of congratulation for her big day.

Little did she know that she would receive many texts from a number she didn`t recognize, revealing screenshots between her husband-to-be, Alex, and another woman.

She said that the screenshots were also accompanied by a message reading, ` I wouldn`t marry him. Will you? `

Along with the text messages between the two, she also sent pics of her with Alex as proof to an affair-dating from months to just days before.

The texts read:

” You and I. This weekend. Hot stuff.”

“Your body is **** marvelous. And you know how to use it. If only my GF had half of your skills. “

Casey says she knew it was all real and started to piece things together.

Her friends advised her to call off the wedding, but being that she was unable to think straight, she decided to sleep on it instead. The next day, she said she knew exactly what to do.

She decided to continue with the wedding, but she would read out the texts she received instead of her wedding vows in front of their family and friends.

Casey walked down the aisle, and as she reached the altar, she said:

” There will be no wedding today. Alex is not the one I thought to be.”

As soon as she said that, everybody was taken aback. Alex tried to grab her hands, but she resisted. Casey took out her phone and started reading the messages out loud.

While reading them, the groom`s face went pale, and he walked out of the church with the best man following him.

After that, she turned to the crowd, saying:

” I want to thank you all for coming. There will be no wedding reception, but it won`t stop me from having a party to celebrate honesty, true love, and following your heart even when it hurts.”

This wasn’t the dream day everyone thought they were attending. Photo: iStock

Even though she found out that the man of her dreams was worthless, the newly-single bride said it was ` a hell of a party. `

So, you can guess who the real winner was.