List of normal stuff in your house that puts kids at fatal risks

It is hard to keep an eye on children all the time. Things get harder when you are not aware of possible dangers your child may encounter in your own house. Electric devices, kettles or shelves are risky to children.

For instance, a girl called Bronwyn Taylor, strangled herself in a window blind cord at her grandparents` home while she was playing with a toy vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, it was impossible for the hospital to save her. This article is kinda an alarm to warn parents and become aware of the risks inside their own house.

Here are some household objects that might harm your children.

1. Pools and bathtubs

Kids love playing and they particularly have a passion for water. However, things that contain water are risky to them to an extent. This said it is hazardous if we leave them alone playing close to such things as they may fall onto them.

2. Electric devices

It is pretty easy for children to get near electric sockets or other devices when they start crawling and walking. So, it is crucial to keep them out of children`s reach.

3. Shelves

Children like climbing and things like closets or bookshelves seem to be their favorite being that it is easy to reach them.

Not having a firm base, the shelves can easily fall and such hurting the playful children. To prevent such situations, parents must keep the shelves stable, so they don`t fall easily.

4. Kettles

Kettles are one of the most used household items. But they also represent a serious risk of burning their children if they are not careful. Parents must be attentive to this kitchen tool to prevent any chaotic situation involving their kids.

5. Window blinds

According to a study, almost 17,000 young kids were hurt by window blind cords between 1990 and 2015. Even though most of the injuries were minor, nearly 300 children passed away.

In most cases, the children were strangled by the cords.

Dr. O`Neil warns that if kids get strangled in window blinds and their parents don`t act fast within the first 2-3 minutes, it may be too late for the child.

6. Medicine

Medicine, especially those with colors, look like candy to children. They are not able to distinguish them. This way, parents must absolutely keep the medication out of children`s reach.

7. Furniture`s sharp edges

Kids often fall while playing. But it can result risky if they fall in the sharp edges of furniture.

This way parents must be careful not to leave their kids unattended.hahahah

8. Small items and food

Little children might mistake things such as battery or buttons for food and swallow and choke on them.

There is also risk coming from small fruit which can make them choke too. So, parents must be careful when feeding kids with these kinds of food.

9. Glass and pottery cups

If kids are careless, glass or pottery cups might burn them. Let alone the cases when they break these cups. This way, parents should have them make use of plastic cups.


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