The ‘Little Intelligence Test’ That’s Driving People Mad.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

You don’t have to spend too much time online to see some crazy quiz going viral on social media.

This one for example drove people on Twitter and Facebook nuts until they finally figured it out.

brain teaser puzzle

However, the ‘intelligence test’ here is genuinely tough. Many have claimed that you need an IQ level of over 150 to solve it. It’s been said that only 1% of the population have an IQ of 150 (which is considered ‘genius’) or above.

Titled, ‘This is a little intelligence test, share if you understood it’, the post poses a series of difficult mathematical questions, and asks you to figure out the pattern between the numbers and answers.

Many got some parts but missed others in the test.

Math test


The puzzle, posted to Facebook by an evangelical ministry based in the United States called the Paul Wilbur Ministries, has been shared over three million times.

However, we’re not convinced that everybody who shared the viral post actually managed to workout the mathematical question asked. It’s also statistically very unlikely.

Let us know if you’ve figured out the pattern in the comments below.


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