Man makes a hilarious complaint to IKEA – thousands are laughing at his incident

There are times when things don`t go as planned, and you are left with the choice of either feeling sorry for yourself or just laughing it off.

Norwegian Claus Jorstad went through an embarrassing situation in the shower with a stool he bought at IKEA. What he decided to do was sharing his experience in a humorous Facebook post which he had no clue it would soon go viral.

Claus Jorstad had a bad knee, so he thought of buying a stool to sit down in the shower.

He decided to buy the “Marius” stool being that it was made out of steel and plastic and it was cozy.

But there was something that he hadn`t thought of: the stool had eight little holes which would cause a troublesome problem. In his Facebook post, he writes about the uncomfortable situation:

“As soon as I got home, I put the stool in the shower and got in, without clothes on.

I sat down and soaped up my body, with my ` captain` and his two `sailors` included.

As you may now be imagining, the sailors are what cradles between my legs, but being that this is a public Facebook post, I`ll stick to a more moderate language.”

Source: Claus Jørstad (Facebook)

Claus continues in his post: “And when the deck became slippery, and the captain together with the sailors got dizzy because of the foam, they began sliding around as if they were drunk sailors!”

” Afterwards, something horrible happened. One of the sailors escaped and slid down one of the holes in the stool. I didn`t realize it at first, but things tend to expand as they are warmed up. So, the sailor got hot and expanded in size. I only noticed it when I tried to stand up and saw the stool hanging on behind me. After that, a sharp pain went through me like lightning. That stupid sailor was stuck in the hole!”

“So, I just stayed there sitting and thinking about my predicament and figuring a way out of it. I could not even pull the sailor up as I wasn`t sure if I would manage to push him up from below without needing to go to the hospital. And so, I just kept sitting there thinking,” Claus continues in his writing.

However, as he kept staying sat in the accidental trap, it began solving itself.

He writes: ” I stayed like that until I ran out of hot water- and it started getting cold.

As it started getting cold, I was thinking of how I could keep warm, so I tried to reach for the hairdryer … and guess what?!

As the cold had made the sailor shrank again, I was a free man once again in an instant.

Source: Claus Jørstad (Facebook)

The post had people reading it double over with laughter, and in just one day it was shared 12,000 times and got 25,000 likes.

That same day, IKEA wrote a clever Facebook comment:

“Hello, Claus. We are sorry to hear that your crew got in serious trouble and that the Coast Guard was almost forced to intervene. We advise you to take the stool out of the shower and put a nice flower pot on it.

In case you decide to keep it in the shower, make sure you are wearing the proper clothing for a rough day at sea- we advise you put on a sou`wester.

Have a nice day,” IKEA writes on their post.

I truly think this is an excellent example of someone who takes himself less seriously!

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