Men Are Dyeing Their Beards To Become Manicorns

Whenever I see a guy with a nice bodacious beard. I think to myself, “that needs sparkles and to be dyed to emulate a unicorn”.

Of course, I am joking. But, right now there is a trend free flowing across the internet showing men dyeing their beards and calling them manicorns.

Who else remembers when beards were for the manliest of men? I do. But, somehow beards have become a hipster trend that is being ruined by guys that want to see how flamboyant they can make things.

In all honesty, I don’t see the point in facial hair. I grow my beard out for about a week and it gets itchy and looks awful. So, my wife politely demands I take my dumbass facial hair off of my face. And, since I don’t like pointless arguments, I oblige.

Anyway, beards aren’t meant to be pink and sparkly. But, I guess this separates bearded men from one another. If you’re looking for a guy that can change an alternator. Don’t go to the guy that has a tie dye beard with sparkles.

I’ll never understand the constant need to be different. And, when the different become too ordinary and accepted, they try to start another dumbass trend that we will all have to somehow understand and accept.

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