Mum kept stepson,5, in a closet, starved him until his step-siblings save him

Raising children is a very great responsibility and stories of this kind perfectly show it. Sometimes you will have to go through very shocking situations.

If you doubt any of that, you can just read the story of the 5-year-old Jordan who in 2014 almost passed away. This was not because of some horrible accident or any life-threatening illness.

It came from the people he was to be given the best life possible and the ones he’d trust above all others: his parents.

TexasBradley Bleimeyer and his wife Tammi Bleimeyer have been charged with felony child endangerment after police…

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Little Jordan had seven step-siblings as he was born of one of his father’s other relationships. Yet he was the one to receive the most of punishments from Brad Bleimeyer, his father.

The abuse escalated to Jordan being beaten and starved simultaneously.

He and his wife, Tammi, would lack Jordan in a closet under the stairs where wires and nails drew out of the walls.

Jordan tried to flee more than once, but the lock placed on the door made sure he was trapped in there for as much as his parents wanted.

Cody and Allison Frank, two of Tammi’s older children, knew that their parents were seriously wrong in the way they treated their brother. Even though Cody tried to alert others about it they didn’t take his words into consideration.

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“The police had been to our house multiple times. All the police officers told me there was nothing they could do about it.
“The teachers were unsure what to do-nobody could help me at that point.

I remember police officers were actually at our front door and I asked them to come in and see what was happening and they said they couldn’t because I was underage and I didn’t own the house. They were literally at our door and I was asking for help and they couldn’t do anything.”

“I remember him falling and I picked him up and him just being in my arms was terrible. It was like wasn’t holding anything-he was so light-it wasn’t like holding a kid at all.

“He was so, so white and his cheeks were sunken and he smelled terrible-it was just awful. I hadn’t seen him for about a week before this and he was scared, he  didn’t know what was happening.”

Despite that Cody refused to surrender even though they were menaced & received verbal and physical punishments for their actions, Cody and his sister stood up for Jordan.

One day, in March 2014, Cody was fed up. As he entered in Jordan’s prison cell he was faced with the most terrible of nightmares.

Cody explains,” When I opened up that closet, Jordan was in the worst shape ever.

I had just been in a fight with Brad so I was in trouble already. Both adults were out of the house so it seemed the best opportunity to open up the closet and let Jordan out.

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Cody and Allison testified in court and in the end, justice was finally served.

Tammi Bleimeyer was sentenced to 28 years in jail while Brad Bleimeyer 15 years and both kids were sent into foster care

The evil and cruelty in the world is incomprehensible. It’s difficult to read stories like this one, but it’s necessary.

If not for his two step-siblings, no one would have helped poor Jordan. He would have passed away alone, frightened and in pain, inside a closet under the stairs.