Off-duty cop interrupted their date after overhearing the conversation

As soon as you see someone in trouble, you feel the need to help. And that is what a Reddit user thought of doing when he overheard a guy threaten the girl he was on a date with. Just as he was approaching the couple, a man appeared and said,” I have this”.

What is to follow is pretty wonderful and has your faith in humanity restored.

Here it comes…

One of the greatest things I have come across.

You know the saying” women want him, men want to be him” in old movies? Then I am a man and I definitely wanted to be this guy.

I am enjoying dinner with my girlfriend at the time, and a couple is behind us on a date, which was clearly not going well. He was being pretty creepy and saying inappropriate things and the girl didn`t seem comfortable at all.

She finished her appetizer really quickly, which made me think she just wanted to get it over with.

I could hear the guy comment on it and say “well, at least I know you can swallow right?” in a loud voice.

The girl goes pale and says to him that isn`t right and he literally makes a “shoo” motion with his hand and continues “ oh calm down I was going to find out in a few hours anyway.”

I could not tell her answer as she went to a hushed tone, but it was pretty clear what was meant- f*ck no, f*ck off, f*ck this. He then responded” sweetheart I picked you up, I know where you live. She was not able to say a word.

I am not the kind of person who “get involved” but I can`t just sit and do nothing in that kind of situation. I get up even though I have no idea of what I am going to do, but I am a 23-year-old, fighting fit and glad to have that mother*cker  shown how to treat a lady.

I was close to getting to the couple when a hand came down on my shoulder and there was a mid-50s super fit guy saying “ Easy… I have got this one son.” He was totally confident..

He reaches the couple, takes a chair nearby and sits down with them. Afterward, he shows his police ID and puts it on the table. The guy goes pale.

Cop: “ So, I am here with my family quietly celebrating my daughter’s birthday when I heard you threaten the young lady over here, would you mind explaining yourself?

Guy: “I, ah, well, you know…

Cop: “ This is what I thought. Listen now, I`m trying to decide if I want to call some of my peers to come and pick you up being that we take at heart these kinds of things.

Guy: “ well no that ..”

Cop: “ But this would ruin everyone`s dinner, so what do you think of handing me your ID, as I wouldn`t want you running off on me , and you go see the staff and pay your bill.. the full bill though as we can`t have the young lady go hungry because of your poor behavior . Or if you want to choose the first option, I`ll leave it up to you.”

Cop: * while writing down the boy’s details* I`m sorry about it miss, I hope I`m not being an intruder but it looked as if you needed help. And in case you want to take this further, I will ask some of my friends pick him up on the way home.”

Girl: Oh no thank you very much, I wanted to leave 30 minutes ago but he drove me here .”

Cop: * in a father figure voice * I`m with my daughter here, she might be your age, maybe you would want to finish the meal with us? We can drive you home if you would like ?”

Girl: “ Oh.. that would be just great.. thanks a lot! “

*guy comes back and so does the cop*

Guy: “So, I paid the bill, Could I have my ID back..”

Cop: “ Here you are.. I`ve got your details right here so I advise you not to go near this young lady or contact her ever again .”

Guy: “Yes, sure I’m sorry!”

The guy fleed the restaurant and the girl joined the cop`s family and they enjoyed their meal together.

When we left they were still there talking and laughing on random stuff.

That was the best way ever of handling a situation I have ever seen.

He is my hero.

Do you also believe he did the best thing he could have done?

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