Old man had an accident in his pants at the store – this woman stepped in

At the times you come across a person or story that has your faith in humanity restored within seconds. Below is one of those stories.

One day, Lisa Lemming Jackson from Georgia, USA was shopping at the supermarket.  She meets an old who was in need of help.

What happened between Lisa and the man and afterward the whole staff at the store, shows that “humans still care about each other”!

Lisa was shopping at her local supermarket. She was roaming between the aisles when she encountered an elderly man in pain. He looked as if he needed some help.

She understood something was not okay as she looked closer.

Her gut feeling was right-so read Lisa’s  words about the event:

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

“I just spent 2 hours with an old man at Kroger.all started when I smiled at him and we made eye contact…

I was walking past him and he seemed as if he needed something. I returned and asked if he needed help. tears started  coming out of his eye and he said:

I suffer from colon cancer and I have gone through a terrible accident and if I get gone through a terrible accident and if I get up out of this cart everybody will notice…What should I do ?”

He seemed so lost of dignity that he had me in tears. In an instant, Kroger staff provided us wipes, undergarments and then took him to the employer bathroom Area where they gave him clothes.

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

“He was in tears and apologized. He added that he was in a hurry as his wife was home alone. As we walked to the register we were told that his groceries had been paid.

“The old man said that he had fought in Vietnam and Korean war and loved his country. However, he said his country had forgotten about him. We were both in tears and I also shared with him my problems…

He advised and encouraged me that in the end people still care about one another. It was proven today.

Just spent 2 hrs with a elderly man at Kroger. It started with me just smiling at him , making eye contact …. As I…

Posted by Lisa Lemming Jackson on Friday, August 5, 2016

Thanks to Elmer, Kroger, and God. I received a very important lesson.”

I indeed believe this woman is a great example which shows that small actions make a great difference.

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