Old School Hamburger Gravy Just Like the Lunch Lady Used to Make

How many of you remember eating hamburger gravy as a kid? The lunch lady used to serve this at our school cafeteria and I had completely forgotten about it…until now! This homemade version is WAY better than what I had in school!

This traditional recipe is not just a super fast dish, but it will also remind you of one of the exquisite meals you used to get in your school cafeteria. Children these days have no idea what they are missing out!



. 2 cups of milk

. 1/b ground beef

. 1/2 cup of chopped onion

. 2 tablespoons steak sauce

. 3 tablespoons flour

.1 tablespoon beef flavor bouillon




Heat pan above medium-high and start cooking ground beef. Add the chopped onion and keep cooking until meat is not pink anymore.


Meanwhile, stir Continuously.

. After that, add the flour, beef bouillon, and steak sauce. Then, gradually pour in the milk.

. Keep cooking until the sauce has started to boil and has thickened.

. Take it off the heat and serve right away.



Yummy! Doesn’t it have the same taste as the one you remember from childhood?