St. Louis Police Warn The Public Of This Guy And The People Of Facebook Rip Him To Shreds.

St. Louis County


Image: Facebook

Police in St. Louis County were just doing their duty by warning the community of a registered sex offender in the area. What they didn’t expect was the absolutely brutal roasting of this guy’s mugshot.

Robert Barteau had been breaking the terms of his probation order by hanging around a local park in St. Louis. Barteau has a long history of sex crimes, assault and breaking bail conditions so it’s safe to say that he’s a potential danger to the public.

However, when police posted a picture of Barteau on their Facebook page in an effort to warn the public, the post turned into a merciless roasting.

It wasn’t long before people started commenting and the comments were savage. Of course, these comments are the least that this scumbag deserves.

Fb comments

pedo2 pedo3 pedo4 Fb comments 1

The St. Louis County Police eventually removed the post from their page. Fortunately though, Tumblr user Dragonly saved these comments before the post was removed.

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