Syrian Rebel Blows Himself Up By Accident While Taking A Selfie

ISIS Fighter Blows Himself Up
Rebels in room before explosion

This short video showing a Syrian rebel accidentally blowing himself and his fellow freedom fighters up with a mobile phone is going viral.

The unverified footage shows what is believed to be members of the Free Syria Army gathered together, facing the camera, singing and chanting into a microphone.

Their celebratory mood is cut short though when one of the rebels holds a mobile phone up to take a selfie of the group.

Rebel about to take selfie

There’s a click and then an explosion, filling the room with flames and smoke.

Explosion in room

As the smoke clears the men can be heard shouting “Allah Akbar”, meaning, god is great in Arabic.

It is unclear if any of the rebels were killed or injured in the explosion.

The Free Syria Army are backed by the coalition of western nations including the U.S, U.K and France.

(h/t) The Sun

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