This is why you don’t lie to your mom

The story you are about to read shows that if your mom suspects of something, she will do the impossible to find out the truth.

This mom decided to visit her son for dinner. He lived with a girl roommate. During dinner, his mother noticed how pretty the girl was. She had been suspecting that something was going on between the two and it had made her curious to find out

While watching their interaction during the evening, she began to wonder if there was something more between them. Her son, as if reading his mom`s thought, said, “I assure you we are just roommates mom. I know what you must be thinking”.

One week later, his roommate said to him,” I haven`t been able to find the silver plate ever since your mom came to dinner. You don`t think she took it, do you?

He answered,” Well, I don`t think so, but I will send her an email, to be sure.” In his email, he wrote:

Dear Mom,

I am not implying that you `took` the silver plate from my house, I`m not suggesting that you `did not` take the silver plate. Fact is that ever since you came for dinner, it has been missing.

Love, your son


Some days later, in the email he received from his mom, he read:


Dear Son: I am not implying that you do sleep with your roommate, and I`m not suggesting that you do not sleep with her. Fact is that if she were sleeping in her bed, She would have found it by now, under the pillow in her OWN bed…

Love, Mom