Woman labeled Greedy After Sharing Photo With Her Kids Presents

UK woman branded selfish for massive mound of Christmas presents

First, let me start by saying, what child would be disappointed to see a massive mound of Christmas presents? Seriously, I don’t actually know how this mother of three is selfish for making this Xmas a magical one for her youngsters. What actually gives anyone the right to judge this woman who clearly loves her children dearly.

Second, the internet is freaking toxic! I mean, seriously! How is giving your children the best possible Christmas selfish? 

UK woman branded selfish for massive mound of presents
The woman in the photo(Emma Tapping, 38) shared a photo of the massive mound. And, the woman’s 15,000 followers did not respond kindly. Which I think makes those people overly judgemental, and an unnecessary negative part of her life. 

What bugs me the most is that none of her followers know what her childhood looked like. Which I have no doubt contributes to her need to make Christmas as special as she possibly can.

For example, I grew up poor. So, now I go out of my way to make sure that my kids never feel like they are going without. But, For some reason, one follower of hers suggested that she donate some/all of her children’s presents to children who are less fortunate. Insane! How about you stop judging this clearly loving woman?!

While I will never suggest that people shy away from being  philanthropic and generous. I will never judge a parent for making Christmas special. I know this holiday is usually one of the few days each year where my kids actually get what they want. So, I think it’s okay to go a little bit over the top to see the expressions and appreciation.

My note to you Mrs. Tapping:

Keep on doing what you are doing. Undeniably, you are providing a magical holiday to your youngsters. Anyone who doesn’t see that, is unimportant, and an unnecessary part of your life. But, as one of your followers asked…..Where the heck do you hide all of them? LOL!

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