Woman is SHOCKED by cop’s reaction after her car broke down on the road

A woman from Alabama recently made a post on Facebook as her car broke down on the road, leaving her and her children standing. In her post, she said that she believed a trooper would be of help by diverting traffic. Instead, she was left shocked by what he did when he arrived.

Below is her story which has since become viral.

Yesterday on our way home, our car broke down two hours away from our home. I was in a busy interstate with three children in tow. My little newborn baby was hungry, but I couldn`t get him out of his seat to feed him as we would get smacked by another vehicle on the highway.

So we called dispatch, and an Alabama State Trooper arrived to help. I believed he was going to divert traffic away from our lane, but he did much more. He loaded us in his car and got us to the closest rest stop. Sean waited in the car for the tow truck.

He checked in the bathroom for ` boogiemen` so that Madeline could make use of the restroom. While I made calls to get home, he was shooting helicopters in the sky with the kids.

Major got fastidious as I was trying to calm my other children down from the evening`s happenings.

So, he took Major out of his seat and fed him with the bottle I had previously prepared. Being that he knew how to hold, and when to burp him, it seemed like he did it often. During his feeding Major even filled his pants which had trooper laugh and continued feeding him.

Afterward, he helped unload our stuff from our car to his and took us to the nearest hotel.

It was very late, and nothing was open for us to get a rental car until the next morning. He helped us unload our things into the hotel room and told us where all the rental car places were. He hugged the girls and said to call him in case we needed anything.

Well, that my dear friends is called Humanity. Wonderful. An excellent example of our law enforcement officers who often go beyond their call of duty.


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