Woman Throws A Party To Celebrate The End Of Her Probation For A Drug Offence. Gets Arrested For Drug Offences.

party and police collage

party and police collage

A 23 year old Florida woman was arrested at a motel last weekend after hosting a party where guests were caught using cannabis, alcohol and other drugs.

Krystal Kurlowich hired a room at a local Travelodge and threw a party to celebrate the end of her probation for drug charges.

Things must have got a little out of hand as the guests in the room next door phoned the police to complain about the excessive noise.

When the police arrived on the scene they they found booze, weed and some other drugs, glow sticks and a strobe light along with a bunch party guests, 6 of whom were teenagers.


Predictably Kurlowich was arrested, one of the youngsters was also charged with drug possession.

She’s going to have a few years in jail to figure out where she went wrong here.


(h/t) nbc-2.com

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