Woman’s Facebook post went viral after Burger King employee did this at the drive through

A woman from Texas shared a post on Facebook after an unexpected encounter she had with a Burger King employee.

In the post, Rebecca Boening wrote that she went to the drive-thru window to order and started stumbling over her words. When she mentioned that she had diabetes, the Burger King employee left her post right away and left Boening speechless with her actions.

The whole thing goes like this:

On Wednesday afternoon, I was driving west on I-40, and my blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level.. Fortunately, a Burger King restaurant was at the next stop.

In a stumbled voice, I placed my order and told the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and needed food.

Thinking and acting are difficult when you suffer from low blood sugar.

I went to the first window to pay for my food, and I was surprised to see a Burger King employee Tina Hardy, coming towards my car.

She went in between the front of my car and the building to bring me a small serving of ice cream.

Later on, Tina explained that her husband had diabetes as well, and she noticed that I needed help.

When I paid, I pulled up to Tina`s window, and she gave me the food.


She told me to park across the driveway so that she could check on me until I felt better. I ate, and I waited for a break in business so that I could go back to her window. I took a picture and talked to Tina`s supervisor and told him what she had done for me.

It`s a beautiful feeling seeing such a lovely act between two people.

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