People Reveal The Worst Places They’ve Visited And Would Never Return To.


One of the best sites on the internet is Reddit, it’s chock full of great stuff to read about.

One user of the site posted the question: “Travelers of Reddit, Where do you never want to go again?”

Some answers were a bit of an eye opener, we’ve picked out 13 of the best but click here for the full thread, it’s well worth the read.

If you or someone you know is thinking of heading off for a nice holiday overseas you might want to have a read through some of these cautionary tales.

1. Manilla, Phillipines.

I loved the other places I went in the Philippines, but Manila was awful. The air quality, the traffic, the garbage, and the weird proliferation of air-conditioned shopping malls.

Most of all, the child poverty was heart-wrenching. A good wake-up call for a privileged Westerner, but not one I want again.

2. Freeport, Bahamas.

The beaches were very dirty and I just felt like I was on a shipyard. They also have a problem with feral dogs. They were everywhere. It broke my heart to see the skin and bone dogs. I guess so many of them starve to death they cannot keep up with the body pickups. I saw too many decaying dogs to count. Seriously would NEVER go back.

Although I did not enjoy going to Freeport it really made me realize how nice I have it here in the US. Another reason I didn’t care for my trip was due to the fact that I was out there vacationing, sipping on martinis, while the locals were struggling to put food on the table. I saw where they lived and it really broke my heart. I felt very guilty knowing that my tourist ass wasn’t assisting them really in any way. I’m not familiar with Bahamian tax laws and government issued programs but I can’t imagine that the tourist money goes back to the people of that makes sense.

3. The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle in northern Alaska. I live in the interior so I take trips all around the state. There is literally nothing up there and no reason to go up there other than to say you’ve crossed the arctic circle. Bad roads and tons of mosquitoes, not much scenery, no good places to camp. I’d rather spend hours driving to go somewhere with a little more to it.

4. Bus tours

It was the most frustrating travel experience of my life. Want to see something? Too bad, get back on the bus. Done seeing something? Too bad, wait on the bus.

5. Gary, Indiana

Came off the exit immediately into a neighborhood that looked like it was hit with some natural disaster before and never recovered, but no they’re just too broke to fix their roads or anything. We tried to cut through the neighborhood as fast as possible but the potholes made us not go over 25. We finally got to a gas station and the guy at the register said “yeah you all should get out soon, it’s about the time when they start robbing people.” Advice taken, got the fuck out of there.

6. Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Pick pocketers run that place. I saw one of my buddies get picked and confronted the pick pocketer in hopes of getting his stuff back. They proceeded to kick my ass. Just skip it.

7. Pattaya, Thailand

Basically the sex tourism capitol of Thailand.

8. UAE/Dubai

While flying home from a business trip about a year ago, I was pulled aside at security, forced to remove all my clothing, given a ridiculously intimate and degrading strip search (including spreading over and bending spreading my ass cheeks and having to retract my foreskin), forced to stand naked while my belongings were searched and my tattoos were photographed, and then interrogated for over an hour while they looked through my phone, computer and other belongings. I missed my flight and wasn’t even given a reason for the search.

Luckily I haven’t been back and I never will.

9. Luton, UK

If anyone says it’s disappointing, they’re lying. People come here expecting a shithole, and that’s exactly what they get.

10. Kuta, Bali

Had such high expectations but there was just trash everywhere, utterly and completely ruined by tourists. Was there during Australia “spring break” (whatever they call it) season and it was just full of shitty Australian “Party bros”. I fled from there as fast as I could!

(Nothing against Aussies in general, just everyone in Kuta, who happened to be mainly young and drunk Aussies …)

11. Atlanta (Greyhound bus station)

I have never seen such an array of terrifying things happen in one small space. That place is a nightmare.

There are a lot of homeless who come into the station to bum a few dollars off of those waiting. Just outside the station, there are multiple drug deals that happen on the streets. Literally first thing when I got off my bus was some guy asking if I wanted to buy crack.

Right by the Greyhound station is the MARTA station, which connects via rail to the rest of the city. You have to take out your wallet to get your card. People know that you’ll be taking your wallet out and I’ve had 2 friends of mine who have had their wallet stolen out of their hand at this station.

It’s awful

12. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe. Went there to see Victoria Falls. Stayed at the Victoria Falls hotel to be within walking distance. Everywhere, people were just standing around with just two or three carved trinkets they were trying to sell. There were absolutely no buyers. Looked like something out of a Twilight Zone show. First thing they asked when you got close to them is if you’d sell them your shoes. No kidding, every single one.

13. Belize City

Belize was one of our stops for the cruise we were on. I always heard about how gorgeous Belize was (and I’m sure there are beautiful parts of Belize) but Belize City was an absolute shit hole. They pretty much dropped a majority of white US citizens and thought it would be ok to let us roam a city that was torn by local civil war.

The city was full of armed military guards standing at street corners and the city canals and streets were incredibly polluted. I live in Baltimore and have seen some bad neighborhoods, but Belize City seemed way worse than anything I’ve seen.

Many stores had armed guards who would unlock the door to let you in and once you we inside, they would lock the door behind you. We didn’t experience any issues with the or violence but it was the strangest feeling getting stared down from every angle.

We stayed for about a hour and then decided it was time to get the fuck out. As we were leaving there were three people standing near the port. They looked at us and said “welcome to the real world”.

Once we got back to the ship, we strolled past the lobby. There may have been 4 or 5 employees working the customer service desk. Each employee had a deep line and the chatter was all centered around angry complaints about dropping us off at Belize City. Needless to say, that same cruise line took Belize off their itinerary soon after

So, there we have it, definitely a few places that i’ll be sure to scratch from my travel list. Is there somewhere you have been that you would never return to? Let us know in the comments below.

The reviews above are some people’s personal experience of their visit at that particular time, if you’re unsure about any destination you are planning to travel to, be sure to check with your travel agent and do a little research on your planned destination. You can check for travel alerts and safety information here.

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