You Should NEVER Touch A Service Dog – It Could Be Life-Risking

We are all aware of the fact that animals have a positive effect on humans, AKA, they make us happy.

That said, service animals are becoming more protruding in public spaces.

People have found amenity and an alleviating effect in every kind of animal, cats, dogs, rabbits, you name it.

Even though these animals might look all cuddly and nice, we have to remember that they have a job to do…and is not to be the object of your love.

This is the case for Flynn, an Australian Shepherd dog that started working for 17-year-old Hailey in 2014. Flynn is Hailey’s medical alert dog who warns her about an impending seizure. Unluckily, a stranger put Hailey in danger when Flynn was only seven months old.

The Dodo

The girl was at her dad’s work visiting him when a stranger came close to them and began petting Flynn. Hailey told the man to stop doing that, but he didn’t pay attention to her words.

This distracted Flynn, and he wasn’t able to warn Hailey she was due to have a seizure.

And it was too late for her when Flynn did warn her.

“Unfortunately, I ended up getting a nasty rug burn.”

The Dodo

Petting, talking or trying to play with them can cause distractions that could end up putting someone’s life in danger.

Hailey recalls, ” I thought I only had 10 minutes to get safe, take medication and ” If you would not do it to a wheelchair, please do not do it to our dogs.”

The Dodo

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